American Staffordshire Terrier training is an exciting task for any dog lover or dog owner. Because of their strong personality and hunting instincts, they might come across as scary to some people. However, once they are trained they can prove to be very loyal to their owners. With their mid-sized built, these dogs can be very strong and could be quite antagonistic towards other breeds of animals. If it is your desire to see your American Staffordshire Terrier to be trained and obedient, then you must be ready to train him or her to the best of your ability to ensure the best results.

Just like every dog, you can use positive reinforcement to train your American Staffordshire Terrier. You can give him or her treats whenever a good deed is done. And when the opposite happens, you need to make your dog realize that the reward will be withheld until the right thing is done. However, some dog trainers claim that this should not always be the case. While this reward process might work for some dogs of the same breed, there will be those dogs that will be quite a handful. When this happens, the respect method becomes useful. The respect method should be done with authority but not with threatening or hurting. If you want your pet to respect you, you should show your dog whos their owner. By effectively reprimanding them by voice or by touch when they do something wrong, you are not just teaching your dog discipline but also respect and a few forms of communication with you. This might work with American Staffordshire Terriers because they are quite dominant. Therefore, if they know their owners as more dominant than they are, they will know that these people are the ones they should follow.

With their protective and loyal temperament, they will be keen to listen to their owners. That said, once you have trained your American Staffordshire Terrier to obey you, they will be aware of what you want. They will act according to your rules at home and even be friendlier to the people who are around them. The respect-discipline method as well as positive reinforcement could be both useful in training your dog.

Being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your dog knows how to act around people. Since this breed could be quite aggressive, you need to pay more attention to how they act towards other people and other animals. Dogs are very obedient animals once they know who to obey so you really need to show them what they must do. If you want them to remain loyal to you, they can prove to be very attached to the people they obey. You can be gentle or quite strict with them, just make sure that they recognize your voice and your authority. Each dog must be trained with love and care. They are very important and they must be trained well by their owners.