The American Staffordshire Rescue Dog is a type of rescue dog that will appeal to a lot of dog lovers, but may not appeal to all people who are looking to have a pet dog. This specific breed has specific wants and needs which should really complement the lifestyle of his/her master.

So, before adopting anAmerican Staffordshire terrier rescue dog for yourself, here are some tips on what type of lifestyle would an American Staffordshire Terrier dog have so that you can see if youre the best type of owner for this type of dog. This will make the process of having a rescue dog much easier for you and ensure a long and lasting relationship with a pet that would appeal to your personality in the best possible way.


The American Staffordshire Terrier is a domesticated breed. This makes them an ideal dog for the home because it knows how to socialize with all types of people who it surrounds itself with. This breed of dog can work well with a person living alone as they can also be independent at times, but it also can live with a family because it knows how to interact with multiple masters. As far as the behavior of a American Staffordshire terrier rescue dog goes, the dog can do well with most, if not all types of owners.

When the American Staffordhsire Terrier feels threatened, it knows how to guard itself and its owner and can become aggressive in the process. This makes this dog breed an ideal guard dog because it knows how to respond to a feeling of threat instead of being aggressive all of the time. This also differentiates this dog type among other dogs.

Health and Exercise

Unlike other dogs which may require a daily walk to promote their health, an American Staffordshire terrier rescue can survive indoors without the need for the homeowner to encourage physical activity. However, even if they are proactive, they are also at risk for a number of diseases and degenerative conditions as they age, so having them checked with a veterinarian regularly also helps.

If you want a dog who knows how to stand alone and also behaves well with company, then look no further than the American Staffordshire terrier rescue. It is the type of dog that would really know how to adapt to its owner quite well, making it the ideal pet that you would want to have.