From the English Region of Staffordshire came the American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies. The very first bred of this kind of dog emerged in the 19th Century and is increasing in number until the present. Before it propagated in 19th Century, it was first raised in England used to bait bulls. There were contentions that this breed of dog came from cross breeding the Staffordshire terrier to White English Terrier, Fox Terrier or Black and Tan Terrier in order to develop its faculties. As early as 1870s these pit bull dogs transferred in America and they reproduce until the present.

American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies are very string and muscular of its type.   It has a big head and with round, dark eyes. The ears are small and set high that makes it different from a typical dog whose ears are laid down. Its coat is made of glossy hair and comes in black, white, brown or patches depending on the genetics.

American Staffordshire Puppies are good companions especially at home because they are very sensitive and responsive. They are very gentle and affectionate. These puppies are very deal for children because they are harmless to the people they know. These dogs are very loyal and secure the premises from any unlawful intruder. It is one of the friendliest dog breed and it always strive to be make the job done and be praised afterwards. They are people oriented because they are domesticated. They behave well and only barks when strangers come along. They are very protective of the people at home especially the owner. They guard the property of the owner to make sure that no unlawful entry will happen. They are playful but usually want to stay inside the house and sit in his favorite place. They only react aggressive when they feel that they are in danger.

Some Staffordshire Terrier Puppies would want to join dog show and contests. These make them socially aware to various things. In an online survey conducted, it was found out that American Staffordshire terrier dogs are more aggressive when interacting with other dogs and seemingly not aggressive when interacting with people especially with the owner.

These dogs are usually with a height of 17 19 inches for male and 16 18 inches for female They usually weigh 57 67 pounds. The life expectancy of American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies is usually 12 to 16 years with the appropriate care needed.

There are some common illnesses to dogs that might decrease their life span like hip dyspepsia skin allergies and even heart disease. A passionate owner should ensure the health of his puppy and needs to engage a veterinary for medical check-up once every other month.

There is also a need to teach them to exercise because pit bull dogs that are only left at home have more tendency to get sick and usually are the ones that easily gets tired. It is best if these kinds of dogs will be engaged in long walks to strengthen their physical stamina.