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The American Staffordshire Terrier is a great breed of that is known for being very strong despite its medium size. With their brains and brawn, they can be trained to become dogs that can be kept in apartments or buildings. However, it is necessary for them to engage in exercise like jogging and walking daily to keep them from being frustrated indoors. Though they could be quite aggressive in the presence of other dogs, they can be trained to become gentle with other people, especially with little children. It is also recommended that they be trained as puppies so that they will grow up to be more sociable and decrease their tendency of being aggressive. While this dog could be quite aggressive, one cannot question their intelligence and intense desire to please the owner. Once they have been trained by their owner or owners, they will recognize the authority and will do everything to obey their orders. With their happy and fun temperament, these dogs get the job done quickly and...

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